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Module Tech OÜ is a Norwegian-based company, founded in 2006. Our main activity is the production of modular houses, offices, hotels and modular on-site facilities. We offer our customers complete solution. We can deliver all classes of modular buildings, whether our client wants to buy, rent, demobilise or even become a reseller of their own modular units. Our main focus is to deliver both flexible and customised solutions. We are part of Algeco the world’s leading business services company specialising in modular space.

Module Tech markets are Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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The advantages of using modular buildings

Modular buildings have many advantages compared to conventional buildings for many reasons.

Shorter delivery time - which provides faster return of investment.

Better quality, health and environment - Indoor construction makes for a better indoor environment, since the building dosen't get affected by moisture during construction. Set production processes also results in both higher quality and fewer production mistakes.

Much less construction waste - which helps save the environment.

Increased flexibility.

Short delivery time

The construction speed makes for a shorter delivery time, which equals a faster return of your investment.

Modular buildings make it possible to engage in parallel activities, like the actual construction of the modular building and facilitation of the plot.

This also reduces the amount of labor, finances and cost of supervision.

To save even more time and money, all designes and engineering sciences are a part of the production process.

Whats also unique with modular buildings is the ability to build both floors, walls, roof etc. at the same time. Conventional constructions don't allow walls to be built before the floor is in place, while laths and roof can't be built before the walls are ready. With modular buildings this is not a problem, since both walls, floor, roof and laths all are constructed at the same time and put together at the same factory to form a whole building.

Construction and assembly are unaffected by weather, which can increase the work efficiency and avoids damage to the construction material, since the construction is done indoors.

Better quality, health and environment

Our factory monitors the quality of all the building elements that are in progress during the production process. The modules are built according to Norwegian construction standards. Our production uses only Certified (CE) materials that provides the best quality.

Due to our production taking place indoors, always at the same facility and with the same skilled workers, the efficiency of our production increases while at the same time we get a better all around estimate of how much materials a job requires.

With a set production process we can use regular length of timber, cladding, mouldings etc, and cut these with maximum efficiency, or order specific lengths in bulk.

Waste from regular construction sites can normally fill several containers, while the production of modular buildings results in much less waste. The set production process at our factory allows for a more precise construction, while at the same time leftover materials can be reused for other projects.

According to some reports, modular buildings can reduce waste with up to 90 % compared to conventional buildings. Modular buildings not only reduce waste, but also make much less physical impact on the environment of the building site and surrounding areas compared to conventional construction.

Increased flexibility

Modular buildings provide an increased flexibility which is hard to achieve with conventional constructions. You can at any given time remove or add extra modules. If the intended use changes, the modular buildings can easily be taken apart and moved or renovated for the next project.

The modules can also be made to fit the architectural aesthetic of already existing buildings, so when the modules have been constructed, you can barely tell the difference between the existing building and the modular building.

Special projects
We can deliver special custom building solutions for any purpose and needs.
Accommodation Rigs
We deliver turnkey housing rig solutions for all kind of accommodation needs.
Cantine Solutions
We deliver custom cantine solutions, often paired up with our housing rigs.
Office modules
We deliver turnkey office modules with many different configurations for short and longterm use.
Schools & kindergartens
We have much experience and expertise with the construction of schools and kindergardens.
We build hotels at a lower price and in less time than traditional hotel buildings.
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